road trip essentials [according to my friends]

I've found that a lot of the time when I tell people I'm taking a long road trip around the country, their response will be to tell me that I'll have to have _______ with me when I go. If they're all telling the truth, below is a list of exactly what you'll need for a yearlong road trip.

  1. Coloring book from my mom, the best thing to have with you when you're laying on the beach.
  2. French press from my friend Kaitlin, because I told her the main thing I wanted out of this trip was more time spent drinking coffee on the beach. My original french press broke before I even left, so I love how durable this one is.
  3. Note to be opened a month into my trip from my friend Mandee. Funny to think back to what I was doing exactly a month ago. It feels like it's been a lot longer than that!
  4. Boxed wine from my friends Aulbrey and Sam, along with car snacks that are long-gone. 
  5. Christmas blend coffee beans from the owner of the Black Rock back home, who said he'd give it to me if I promised to check my tires before I left.
  6. Chinese herbs for a strong immune system from my acupuncturist [I also think of her as a friend/life coach/witch doctor/miracle worker].
  7. Local Oregon honey from my friend and former co-worker Laura, who used to watch me eat honey by the spoonful from the next desk over.
  8. Fujifilm digital camera from my swim coach, who suggested that I stop using iPhone photos on my blog [this is the last one, I promise.]
  9. Pepper spray from my camo-wearing, deer-hunting friend Dan and wife Kristen. The camo is all him, the pink is all Kristen. 
  10. Macbook for blogging from my sister.